Construction of the new roads, semi-highways and highways

Machine grinding of vegetation on the route, regardless of the location and terrain configuration. Maintaining routes (cutting, forest rules, grinding of vegetation) using a special walking excavator at steep slopes and terrains inaccessible by conventional mechanisation. Construction of energy routes in mountainous areas.

Forest roads

Construction of forest roads includes several phases: 

  1. Preparatory work: Extracting, disposal, removal or burying of tree stumps
  2. Earthworks: Mechanical excavation, construction of embankments, profiling and rolling of the subgrade, stabilization of the subgrade by geotextile
  3. Drainage: Construction culverts and drain trenches
  4. Roadway: Installation of stone and rolling of pavement

Mechanical and electrical services on the construction of steam pipelines

Execution of building, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering works when constructing steam pipelines
DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, DN 500, DN 600, DN 700

Healing of the stream along road Ivanjorečka

Healing of the stream along Ivanjorečka was carried out in several phases:

  1. Healing of the stream: it was performed with reinforced concrete pipes ø 1200 mm with joints on a standard manhole ø 1200 mm. For the reception of rainwater, gutters made of ready-made reinforced concrete elements were placed on a reinforced concrete base. In the gutter, classic aquifers with a settling tank are made, which are connected to the revision manhole. At the beginning, at the end of the northern culvert, spatial steel gratings were installed to prevent entry into the healed part of the stream and to stop larger impurities. The pipes were also backfilled by making the embankment with stone material, and the embankment was fitted with humus with the preparation and construction of a hydroseed closure.
  2. Open trough: on the open part of the stream, longitudinal feet with a cross-section of 60 × 35 cm were made in the legs of the slope, and on the top of the cladding, a longitudinal reinforced concrete banner. The surface in between is filled with grass tiles on a backing layer of sand, which is embedded on a backing of gravel material. Before performing the gravel substrates, a geotextile was placed on the ground.
  3. Asphalting: Production of a buffer layer and installation of concrete curbs as part of the asphalting of the load-bearing and wearing layer of sidewalks and parking lots along Ivanjorečka.