Mechanical cleaning service of areas along railway tracks

Cutting thick grass, cutting shrubs and other vegetation along the railway tracks, reducing the size of tall/high-risk trees

Conversion of forest soil into permanent plantations

Conversion of forest soil into permanent plantations

Machine grinding of vegetation up to 30 cm thick, manual cutting of trees above 30 cm, loosening (lifting stumps and roots), grinding the lifted material, ploughing, disking, rolling. There is also a contemporary option of soil processing by means of a special milling machine AHWI RF 800 which makes the standard manner of soil processing obsolete (loosening, ploughing, disking…) and which grinds the remaining stumps and roots, processing the soil at the same time up to 60 cm deep. After such an intervention which makes 6 old-fashioned manners of soil preparation obsolete (instead of manual tree cutting there is machine grinding, loosening, collecting removed stumps and roots, ploughing, disking, milling) the terrain is ready for new planting.

Restoration of neglected orchards and planting of new ones

Grinding of orchards by heavy duty grinders. Subsurface milling of stumps and roots with a diameter of 50 cm, 60 cm below the surface. Fragmentation (milling) of the soil, dirt and ground material that will be used as fertiliser for future plants by a special milling machine processing the soil 60 cm below the surface, which can make the old manner of soil preparation obsolete (cutting trees, removing stumps, collecting removed material, ploughing, disking, milling…).

Restoration of neglected stone grounds for the purpose of planting new olive groves or restoration of the old ones

Machine grinding of trees, plants and stones by heavy duty grinders. All ground material remains on the restored terrain as a bio-fertilizer for future plants. Removing rock mass, roots and stumps by an underground looser up to 60 cm below the surface. Grinding of pulled out material, pulverising before planting young olive trees.

Maintenance of energy routes (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, transmission lines)

Machine grinding of vegetation on the route, regardless of the location and terrain configuration. Maintaining routes (cutting, forest rules, grinding of vegetation) using a special walking excavator at steep slopes and terrains inaccessible by conventional mechanisation. Construction of energy routes in mountainous areas.

Construction of fire prevention roads