Maintenance of basic amelioration drainage and irrigation facilities

Restoration of basic amelioration drainage facilities

Performing works for rehabilitation of riverbeds and watercourses

Binđo Ltd. is certified by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy on the fulfillment of special conditions for conducting preventive, regular and extraordinary flood defense activities in the defenced area 9: the Lonja-Trebež small area, the management of detailed structures for amelioration drainage, and the management of waterworks for irrigation.

Some of the works include: restoration, repair and maintenance of basic amelioration facilities for drainage and irrigation.

Implementation of preventive, regular and emergency flood and ice defence

Repairs of damage to the crown, slopes, sidewalks and access ramps of the embankment and canopy of the embankment crown on the Stružec embankment.

BINĐO Ltd. has a Decision of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia on meeting special conditions for performing activities of preventive, regular and extraordinary flood defense in the protected area 9: the area of ​​the small basin Lonja-Trebež.